Co-Op Concept

The multi-tenant concept allows for multiple tenants to rent individual, self-contained BCS cultivation units at a secure location staffed with management, maintenance, and security personnel. BCS will offer either facilities constructed of retrofitted shipping containers or via modular building components . Local zoning variances, climate and logistics, will determine which application the company will use.

Big Box Concept

The single-tenant concept allows for an entity to enter into a long-term lease agreement with an option to purchase the facility (plus land if applicable) at the end of the lease term for a sales price determined considering fair market value. This is a much larger square footage concept with construction techniques and materials determined on a case by case basis.

BCS Leasing Centers will offer the following services to consumers:

Standard Operating Procedures
Inventory Control and Management Systems
Genetics Counseling and Testing Procedures
Extract Processing and Equipment Design, and
Proprietary Product Line(s)